Banana – One of the best Fruit

Bananas, one of the best fruit has high content of iron increases the production of hemoglobin in the blood and that is good for anemia. It is rich in vitamin C, A, B6 add B12 and also contains magnesium and potassium.


My mother always said having a banana in the morning is gold and in the afternoon is silver and night it is lead. It is always good to have bananas anytime other than before bedtime. Believe it or not having banana improve digestion and whether you have diarrhea or constipation it will definitely regulate the bowl movement.

Here are few more advantages of adding bananas to your diet – my mother always gave us bananas and used to say it is available throughout the year and it is an inexpensive fruit to have with lots of benefits.

       - Antacid in banana normalizes heart burns,

       - Potassium in banana makes a person alert and it is good for                  students and bananas are known as “brain tonic”.

       - Bananas are rich in serotonin that is good for depression.

       - Bananas are good for treating morning sickness, ulcers and high            blood pressure.

Banana has Glucose, sucrose, fructose and enough fiber. Having banana milk shake with honey has its own effect on human.

I hope this will help you to understand the value of banana and you will make to a habit of consuming at least 2 to 3 bananas a day. Of course, don’t forget to take garlic and ginger too.

In another post I will tell you all about banana flower and banana stems and how you can use them in your daily diet. 


I am not a medical or dental professional. Though it worked for me, this home remedy is not always a substitute for professional medical care. See a doctor medical professional immediately. Some of these medicines are anecdotal evidence. I have tried some and the rest are told to me. The ingredients are natural and we use them regularly so there is less or harm to human body.

10 thoughts on “Banana – One of the best Fruit

  1. I have a banana for breakfast every day. I’m glad that it’s so good for me.

    I generally only have one a day though. I tend to eat grapes and/or clementines after lunch. I would struggle to get an extra banana into the day without giving up something else,

    1. Having one in the morning is good and if you can add one more is good….. Thanks for your comment and keep visiting this blog……..cheers

    1. I have heard that recent study shows eating banana at night calm your system and help you to have a good sleep. May be it is true. I was told it is heavy on your stomach to eat banana at night. ……Thanks Evelyn for your thoughts.

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