Remedy for Constipation

Constipation is a condition that may lead to many severe health issues. We intake a lot of food and other items into our body and the waste is removed from our body by urine and bowel moment. If the urine is yellow, it is a sign that our body is dehydrated and needs liquid. Once we drink water the colour of the urine is normal and problem is solved. It is necessary to have 9 to 13 classes of water a day. It is not like that in bowel movement. If the solid waste is not removed from our system, it can do a lot of harm to our body.

These wastes can definitely a cause to build bad bacteria in our body and may cause cancer. Simply put imagine what happens to your garbage bin if you don’t empty it for weeks! I am not a medical professional and most of these are what my mother used to practice on us and taught us over the years. My mother used to say that we should have a bowel movement at least once a day.

constipationCauses of constipation:

There are many other reasons for constipation, there is a whole list that can cause constipation.

Remedies for constipation:

  • Must have enough fiber intake in your daily diet. Nuts, oats, fruits, vegetables whole wheat are rich in fiber. Apples and oranges are good source.
  • Drink a lot of water daily. Coffee, cola are drinks but they dehydrate so avoid them when possible and drink a lot of water for a change.
  • Castor oil consumption is good for bowel movement. Can also be used as laxative.
  • Try to have enough exercise daily. Being active will help reduce constipation.
  • Add ginger and garlic to your daily diet.
  • Have ginger tea very frequently.

Most of the above are my mother’s treatments. When we were small my mother used to give us two black pills that she made out of herbs that I don’t know. She normally gave this to us on Friday nights so that we will be home for a good run to the washroom the next day. I wish I know what was in those pills! I vividly remember taking two to three spoonful of castor oil. That can make you run to the wash room too. Take a little in the beginning to see whether you are okay with castor oil before you take three spoonful at a time. In this modern age it is very difficult to live without technology in our hand but for your own good health leave all the technology on the dresser when you are returning the nature’s call.  

There are many things that my mother taught us over the years to treat small ailments and live a healthy, happy life. I will be writing more as I remember them. 


I am not a medical or dental professional. Though it worked for me, this home remedy is not always a substitute for professional medical care. See a doctor medical professional immediately. Some of these medicines are anecdotal evidence. I have tried some and the rest are told to me. The ingredients are natural and we use them regularly so there is less or no harm to human body.

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  1. There are many things that my mother taught us over the years to treat small ailments and live a healthy, happy life. I will be writing more as I remember them.

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