Health Benefit Of Onions

During my child wood days my mother used to add lots of onions to our diets. My mother kept telling all the health benefit of onions. My mother is not a scientist but we all trusted what her mother taught her. She always kept saying eating onions, garlic and ginger everyday keep you away from fever, headaches, and joint pains. She also said onions strengthen the hair and helps hair growth. I have seen her keeping cut onions all around the house, when asked she said, keeping cut onions around the house absorbs all that circulate fever and infections. She believed that cut onions around the house chase all that planning to harm the house.

We trusted my mother because she was a healthy woman, active all the time. We have seen my mother getting up very early in the morning worked through the day in the kitchen and maintaining the house. None of us ever seen her getting sick or feeling tired. Taking care of seven children and a husband is not an easy task but she did all that happily. We all respected and believed in her. when she gave us the benefit of onions we took all what she said for granted. 

All About Onions:

We have onion rings with lemon juice and salt and pepper on it for breakfast. We have half fried onions with lunch and some form of onion for dinner. My mother always kept a plate full of sliced onions on the table all the time so that we can make use of it. All the left over onions from the table she keeps it around the house for couple of hours before throwing it in the garbage. For those who hate onion, try this. Cut thin slices of onions, squeeze lime juice on it. Then sprinkle salt and pepper to it. Fried onions tastes better but has less medicinal values. Try adding onion in some form to your diet and you will learn to like onions.



Benefit Of Onions:

According to my mother adding onions to the diet has the following benefits:

  • Onions purifies the blood stream and this improves the body immunity system.
  • Adding onions to the diet keep you away from all the infectious diseases.
  • Consuming onions prevent gastric troubles, helps digestive system and improve bowl movements.
  • I have seen my mother using onions on open wounds to stop the bleeding.
  • My mother used to place sliced onions on the temples to get rid of headaches and fever.
  • Onions can keep you heart healthy.
  • Onion juice can be used for insect bites and also protect the skin.
  • Adding onion to the diet gives a good night sleep.

My mother did not know a lot of scientific things but always talked about the benefit of onions. Lately I found out that onions are good to reduce cholesterol and good for controlling blood sugar. There are lots of studies going on around the world on onions to find the benefits of onion that have been proved by our forefathers.

Onions – The Myth:

There is a myth that if you keep cut onions and uses them few days later you may end of getting food poisoning. In a way it is true. It is not the onion that is bad. I have mentioned earlier that my mother used to keep cut onion around the house. What the onion does it it absorbs also bacteria and other bad viruses from the air and keep the air clean. When you cut and keep the onion that is what happens and once you use the bacteria infected onion that in turn results in food poisoning.



According to a study at the University of Bern in Switzerland showed that consuming of one gram dry onion per day for about four weeks increased bone mineral content in rats by more than 17% and mineral density by more than 13% compared to animals fed a control diet. This data suggests onion consumption has the potential to decrease the incidences of osteoporosis. 

The world today is spending millions of dollars in the study the benefits of onions, ginger, garlic and other bitter herbs. As you know that there are different varieties in onions – red onion white onion and small onions and the scientist community is seeing different chemicals and medical benefits in each one of them. But our forefathers centuries ago had taught us and even the Bible talks about adding bitter herbs to the diet.

God has given us a finest machine, our body, why not take care of it. If you have spent $40000 to buy a car, don’t you take care of it by cleaning it every day and changing oil on time, fill gas when it is time? No one can fix a price tag on our body because it is priceless, and yet we stuff garbage down our throat and make it vulnerable to all the diseases. We fill gas to our car but don’t drink enough water to keep our body functioning. Finally we blame it on something and ask God to take away the sickness. Why not prevent it from happening? You decide.

As I always said in my previous posts anything that is tastier for the 2 ½ inch tongue is not good for the body. Whatever is bitter for the tongue is good for the body. The body does not get the taste once the food goes past the tongue. So why not take care of the body and live a healthy life.


I am not a medical or dental professional. Though it worked for me, this home remedy is not always a substitute for professional medical care. See a doctor medical professional immediately. Some of these medicines are anecdotal evidence. I have tried some and the rest are told to me. The ingredients are natural and we use them regularly so there is less or no harm to human body.

5 thoughts on “Health Benefit Of Onions

  1. Clearly your mom was correct :) I love onions. If you know someone who doesn’t like them I often “deflame” them by soaking them in ice water for about 5-10 minutes. Its got to have ice in there so they don’t get soggy. Then I will serve them raw or make a quick pickled red onion by adding a bit of honey and vinegar in a bowl with a few tables spoons of water. I let it sit for about an hour int he fridge and you can make tacos or even put them in a potato salad if you want to jazz it up.

    Thanks Again

    1. Thanks for sharing about soaking in onions…..i didn’t know that. I knew soaking in vinegar for a day or two with pepper to make a pickle…..Cheers Christian

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