Neem Tree – No. 1 Natural medicine

Neem Tree is a tropical evergreen tree that grows mostly in the Indian sub-continent and it is the no.1 natural medicine for most illness. Out of all the trees that are proved to be useful for humanity, Neem tree is one of the most important ones found in the tropical regions of the world. From its roots to its top, the tree contains some of the important compounds that are useful for animals, people and plants. Neem tree’s virtues are, to a large extent, attributable to its chemical constituents. Because of its incredible healing properties, in the early days it was called the village pharmacy.

If you travel around the villages in India you will notice plenty of neem trees and may come across people relaxing under them. Since it is evergreen and need little or no water and needs lot of sun, it is relaxing area on hot summer day. It is believed that if you breathe under the neem tree it is good for the lungs and cleans some of the impurities.     

Neem Tree:

Neem tree was part of my mother’s life and she used them for all kind of illnesses. She always said neem tree is a wonder plant. Every part of neem tree is bitter and mother had tough time convincing my brothers, sisters and me to use them. We were told to use need branch sticks to brush our teeth. We were asked to eat neem leaves and ask to use neem oil. Neem products are very bitter and difficult to swallow. During my childhood I tried to avoid taking neem but during my teen years I made it a point to use them regularly.


Eating neem leaves is one of the best antidotes for the body. The new leaves normally look brownish and are the best part of the neem tree. Whenever I see them I used to eat them. According to my mother they are good to prevent all kinds of diseases. These leaves are good to treat infections, viral diseases, poisonous bites, gastric troubles many other form of diseases. Neem leaves stimulates the immune system, detoxifies the blood and improves liver function. It generally promotes a healthy circulation, respiratory and digestive system.

Benefits of Neem Tree:

I have seen people use neem for the following diseases and disorders and many more:

  1. Neem leaves paste is used to treat chickenpox.
  2. Neem leaves are given to control any kind of fever.
  3. Neem stick is used to clean teeth and for gum related problems.
  4. Neem bark extract is said to be good for warts and dandruff.
  5. Drinking neem leaves soaked water is good for stomach disorders.
  6. I have seen people placing neem leaves around the bed of the person suffering from chickenpox.
  7. Burning neem bark gets rid of mosquitoes.
  8. Neem bark is good for cough, loss of appetite, stomach worms, eczema, psoriasis, ulcers and other skin problems.
  9. It is famous for treating malaria and for diabetes.

There is lot more to neem leaves that we do not know. Scientists are still agreed that neem tree has some value and are still trying to find out how neem can be used to treat cancer and other illnesses.


We can’t get fresh leaves in Canada but we can get neem products through Amazon and or your local Indian Grocery store. IT may not be as good as the real neem but for those who can get the natural product this is one way to get little benefit.

I miss my neem,………..


I am not a medical or dental professional. Though it worked for me, this home remedy is not always a substitute for professional medical care. See a doctor medical professional immediately. Some of these medicines are anecdotal evidence. I have tried some and the rest are told to me. The ingredients are natural and we use them regularly so there is less or no harm to human body.


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