Why Daily Shower is Important

In this modern developed world, our body is bombarded with lots of foreign material in and out of our system. These can add and accumulate heavy toxins in our body. Foreign materials such as smoke from smokers, smoke from automobiles, chemicals in our vegetables, chemical compounds in the form of preservatives in our food in the day today lifestyles and chemicals from these foods and radioactive material in the air can cause quite a lot of health problems. It is very difficult, should I say impossible for us to change the world but we can change ourselves to live a healthy life. We can add few things or modify our lifestyle that will make a great impact on our health resulting in healthy living. One of the modification should be having a daily shower.

Why daily shower is important:

Showering daily is important for healthy living. The benefit of showering is mainly to remove all the toxic materials that were pushed out of our body by way of sweating. Some other benefits of showering are to clean our body from dirt and odors and clear off all the dead skin cells.  Simply put, people shower to feel clean from dirt, smell fresh from sweat, and re-energized or relaxed.



‘A vigorous daily shower would disturb the natural bug flora of the skin as well as skin oils,’ revealed John Oxford, Professor of Virology at Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry. So when you have daily shower you need to be careful not to rub vigorously and never to use strong soap or chemical rich shampoos. It is okay to have a shower without any soap too if you wish.

My mother always said cold or tepid water shower is always the best. She also taught us the “art” of shower. Yes showering is an art in itself. It is very definitely not a cultural issue or personnel preference. It is a must daily routine. You must shower daily, twice if you can and if you are living in a hot humid place. Once in the morning before leaving for whatever you are doing and another before bedtime. There is an old saying “an apple a day will keep the doctors away”. Same way a shower a day too will keep the doctors away.

Benefit of shower:

Showering cleans our body of foreign materials, showering keeps the body and the perspiration odor away and showering maintains our body temperature. Few more benefits of showering are:

  • Stimulate the immune system.
  • Keep the skin healthy.
  • Improve the blood circulation.
  • When you are stressed out, go and have a shower. You will feel calm, so shower helps reduce the daily stress.
  • Shower regulates body temperature and there are many many many more advantages of shower ……….

Cold water shower in the morning is good and refreshing. It is best to keep you alert and refreshing. You can start off with hot water just to enter the shower and once you are comfortable you can reduce the heat to near cold water and finish the shower. This is the morning shower. If you have a habit of having shower in the night before bed hot water shower is the best. Start your shower with bearable temperature and once you are comfortable in the shower increase the heat to bearable temperature and finish your shower. This does something to the body that I don’t know and calm the system and you will have a very comfortable, sound sleep.

My mother thought us few shower therapies:

Start your shower with warm water and then reduce to cold water and bring down to as cold as possible. Keep it that way for a while and increase to hot water shower. Keep it that way for a while and reduce it to cold water. Repeat this few times and finally end with cold water. She insisted that we end with cold water. She said it is good to follow this way and asked us to do it at least once a month.

My mother used to soak our head with coconut oil or castor oil and massage it. We have to wait for an hour like that in oily head before heading for shower. My mother enforced this rule even in post teen years. This is daily shower.

Once a week we are supposed to have an oil bath or shower. Massage the whole body with oil and have a complete shower using shikakai powder. This cools the body completely and you can feel that you are in a different body.

We were told to use mild soap or shikakai to clean the body. We were taught to never to use shampoo. Shampoo and some soaps have strong chemicals that wipe out the oil from our skin completely and we were told that is not good for the skin.

It is always good to have a shower or two daily for a healthy living.


I am not a medical or dental professional. Though it worked for me, this home remedy is not always a substitute for professional medical care. See a doctor medical professional immediately. Some of these medicines are anecdotal evidence. I have tried some and the rest are told to me. The ingredients are natural and we use them regularly so there is less or no harm to human body.

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